Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE

Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE
Exile: 338-348 CE, Thassos, Greece

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Plague Looms: Venice 1347 CE

Doge Palace at Piazza St. Marco in modern day Venice

“Dr. Sara Webb carefully turned the delicate pages of the 14th Century Doge Palace Jailer Logs in the dim light of the Restricted Document Vault deep within the chambers of the Archivo di Stato, the home of historical public documents that date back to the founding of Venice.  She thought back to her arrival in Avignon just three weeks earlier and how her chance encounter on the train with Aaron Rockchild, a G-4 Leadership Council Officer stationed at the International Headquarters of the Ancient Esteemed Order of the Emeriti in Zürich, had led her to Signore Fantini, the affable but dedicated Restricted Document Vault Director.  Although she was initially suspicious of Aaron’s imposing officious manner, she now felt grateful for his knowledge of the Emeriti Brotherhood’s history of clandestine intervention in the significant World affairs from 337 CE to the present time.  The story would require her to utilize all of her special Forensic Accounting skills to unravel the mystery of the Emeriti code and the Fifth Element.  At this moment, she was searching for Emeriti links to trade between Constantinople and Venice in the early 14th Century.

Swiss Alps high above the 14th Century trade routes.

She finally found the records she was seeking; the Log entry for November 2, 1347 CE, the same year that the Black Plague hit Venice.  The band of Emeriti Scholars had been arrested on general principle.  Upon further investigation, it was clear that the Jailers were eager to rid themselves of the Emeriti prisoners after just one day in the dark damp wells of the Old Doge Dungeon.  The last straw appeared in the entry for November 2, 1347: ‘These men are driving us mad with their constant nonsensical questions and opinions.  Today, after gruel time, we were told that, 1347 is also a prime number and is the product of (3 x 449).  The number 3 is a Fibonacci value, and 449, represents the sum of prime numbers, (79+83+89+97+101).’  Self-preservation compelled the Jailers to release the Emeriti that afternoon. Two weeks later, on November 16th, the Plague descended upon Venice.  Upon release, according to Aaron’s account, the Emeriti prisoners ascended into the high Swiss Alps away from the trade routes, carrying the Coded Pension Fund accounting papers and the encrypted pendent with them.  They remained isolated, cold, but alive for the next 4 years, emerging in April of 1351.  She pondered for a moment to note that in Avignon, it was fire that sustained the Emeriti and in the Alps, it was ice....

[Excerpt from Chapter 3: "The Brotherhood of the Emeriti and The Fifth Element."] ©2013