Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE

Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE
Exile: 338-348 CE, Thassos, Greece

Thursday, February 21, 2013

12: Applied Black Hole Technology

In 1783, the concept of a “black star,” was postulated by an accomplished amateur astronomer, Rev. John Michell, who applied Newton’s Laws of Gravity to imagine a star so massive that its gravitational pull would be so great, as to not allow its “light to escape” (Vesc in the formula).  The Black Star would later be identified as a Black Hole.  [As noted on Swinburne University Online]

Dr. E. Bruce MacDougall, BHI CADS Lab Director
Emeriti Dark Matter Astronomers began to develop the basis of Dark Matter Theory and Applied Black Hole Technology™ shortly thereafter.  

Center for Advanced Disintegration Science
Dr. E. Bruce MacDougall was known to Black Hole Aficionados, as the “Founder,” of Disintegration Science, and to his fellow Emeriti as, “Brother Bruce.” He served with distinction as Director of the BHI Center for Advanced Disintegration Science and Applied Black Hole Technology.  Prior to the CADS Lab work, the smallest theoretical Black Hole was calculated to be on the order of the Planck mass, or mP.  
The MacDougall Quasar: Named after Brother Bruce                 
The CADS Lab group advanced the concept of “Planck mass splintering” to create hitherto unknown “Micro Black Holes” with micro curved singularities.  It is precisely this modified mass unit that formed the basis of Applied Black Hole Technology: “The MacDougall Splinter Mass,” noted as mp-ms (or M&ms), which combined with the "Tartan Radius," determines the rotating Black Hole mass.
On a fateful day in 2008, a CADS Lab technician accidentally switched the polarity of the electrical generators on a group of treadmills in the BHI Hamsterization™ Lab and was astonished to find that as the generating treadmills were operated, they began to register negative energy.  April 1, 2008 was the day that changed the entire field of Disintegration Science and Applied Black Hole Technology; by combining the negative energy output of the generating treadmills with the MacDougall Splinter Mass equation values, the team devised the first “Personal Black Hole Trash Receptacle™ prototype that would change the residential trash disposal industry forever.  Now, household trash, including old tax records, incriminating evidence and other such items would simply disappear by virtue of the Personal Black Hole Generating Treadmill™.  NASA named a Quasar after Brother MacDougall to honor his achievements. CAUTION: IF TREADMILLS ARE OPERATING, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RETRIEVE TRASH BAG IF THE FIRST TOSS MISSES THE HOLE.  WAIT UNTIL ALL EQUIPMENT HAS BEEN TURNED OFF.

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