Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE

Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE
Exile: 338-348 CE, Thassos, Greece

Monday, February 25, 2013

15: Forthcoming Emeriti Publications

                            A YEAR OF DELUSIONAL THINKING 
                                         By the Editors of 'PHIALA INANIS'
                                        Official Journal of the Emeriti Order
Empty Vessel

                                        Published by Emeriti Press International 
                                                 New York, London, Leverett
                                                              April 2013©.

                        “A profoundly useful window into what is left of the Emeriti mind.”
                                       (Journal of the American Psychiatric Association)

                                           “Compelling insight into the Emeriti Way.”

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Leather Bound Cliff Notes™ Series
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All of the great Russian novels are now available for your abbreviated reading pleasure.  

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Products of the Emeriti Brotherhood ©2013

      Emeriti Handbook of Land Use Planning
           Davis, Dines, Gross and MacDougall, Editors

"Masterful exposition on the complexities of Land Use Planning in the 21st, or during the last three Centuries, for that matter."  Hedley Swan, American Planning Association

Chapter 1.  The Illusion of Utility and the Disorganizing Effects of Imposed Order
Chapter 2.  It’s the Greenway or the Highway: Take Your Pick
Chapter 3.  Determining a Cultural Ethos Through Soil Analysis
Chapter 4.  Core Borings and Social Values:  The Case for Holistic Planning
Chapter 5.  A Working Environment: Random Chance vs. Linear Modeling
Chapter 6.  Sewage and Disease as a Self-Limiting Factor in Controlling Sprawl
Chapter 7.  Is Consumerism a Retrovirus of the Right Pre Frontal Cortex?
Chapter 8.  The Side Effects of Placing Humans in Little Metal Capsules with Wheels
Chapter 9.  The True Costs of Cost-Benefit Analysis: The Poverty of Cost Cutting

Emeriti Press International, New York, London, Leverett ©2013  $250, (where available)