Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE

Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE
Exile: 338-348 CE, Thassos, Greece

Sunday, February 24, 2013

14: Self-Regulating Modified Rifle

                        BHI Behavioral Studies Lab Utilizes the Law of Natural Selection

Proposed Modified Rifle Prototype to Promote User Accountability

                              The Ultimate Design Modification to Reduce OCGAD!

LEVERETT—The BHI Gun Safety Lab has produced a modified extended ammunition clip rifle prototype designed to reduce senseless mass murders by creating a self-regulating design that places the liability of gun ownership literally on the shoulders of the gun owner.  Under this plan, gun owners would have unlimited access to ammunition and would not need to undergo a background check or to register their names at the time of purchase.

All high capacity automatic rifles manufactured and/or sold in the United States would need to comply with a new Federal Personal Assault Weapon Safety standard in order to continue doing business in the US.

The BHI Gun Safety Lab, under the direction of Dr. H. C. Davis, has spent 5 years perfecting the metal alloy and Teflon lubrication system that allows the bullet trajectory to conform to the new standard.  The new design aims to treat Obsessive Compulsive Gun Acquisition Disorder, or “OCGAD,” as defined by the Center for Disease Control in their 2013 Spring Bulletin, in which Dr. Frank Sheutz stated, “We must bring down the number of OCGAD cases for the health and well being of the general population.”

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