Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE

Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE
Exile: 338-348 CE, Thassos, Greece

Friday, February 15, 2013

Early Scientific Farming Roots

The Emeriti Order made significant contributions to agricultural and horticultural science through clandestine experimentation, necessitated by the need to remain anonymous to avoid capture by disgruntled authorities, such as Papal Guards or Royal Soldiers.

Emeriti Monk engaged in Scientific Farming (1143 CE)

During the Medieval period, Emeriti Monks surreptitiously engaged in what they called, “Scientific Farming.”  These practices were contrary to Augustinan instructions to use “celestial symbols,” such as the perfect square, the circle and the pentagon to organize the gardens.  The Emeriti Monks fashioned the Wattle Fence by weaving sapling cuttings between larch posts to protect the garden from animals and to create a favorable micro-climate, while employing raised beds made from white cedar planks as illustrated in the woodcut above (From the Emeriti Monk Manual of Scientific Farming, Emeriti Press International, Zurich).  Additionally, they experimented in secret alchemical bio-dynamic garden rituals to concentrate the nutrient value of selected vegetables with the aim of improving eyesight (Super Carrots) and reducing inflammation (Super Blueberries), to name a few examples.

BHI Prescription Grade Farmaceuticals™containing proprietary biochemical remedies.
This experimental tradition continues to this day at the Broad Hill Institute Center for Advanced Farmaceutical Research.  During the last decade, the BHI Farmaceutical Labs have developed enhanced fruits and vegetables that contain prescription grade proprietary Farmaceuticals to treat such human maladies as BO, ED, RDD (Retention Deficit Disorder), and CGAD (Compulsive Gun Acquisition Disorder).

BHI Retain Balm®, was developed to treat the growing prevalence of RDD in the aging population.  It contains Choline 33® and is applied directly to the forehead as needed.  The transdermal ointment works to restore chemical balance and neural elasticity when attempting to remember the family Swiss Bank Account number, for example.

BHI Pit Stop®
BHI Pit Stop® is another transdermal ointment product designed to treat Body Odor (BO), using natural herbal derivatives and no Aluminum oxides; Erectile Dysfunction (ED), employing Citrulline derived from Watermelons (See BHI Citrulline Tabs®); and Early Onset Dementia, using the ingredients in Retain Balm®.  The Ointment is applied daily as an underarm deodorant in a non-greasy, non-staining formulation.

BHI Sure Wilt®
BHI Sure Wilt® is derived from fusarium oxysporum fungus extract to counter the effects of Citrulline Tabs® overdoses.

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 (Note: Additional research has developed new tools and products that will be covered in future posts).