Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE

Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE
Exile: 338-348 CE, Thassos, Greece

Sunday, March 3, 2013

21: Higgs boson Duality

Very Fast Proton Project™ Detects Dual Higgs boson Particles

The BHI Very Large Collider lies discretely under the rolling forested Leverett hills, where the
Very Fast Proton Project™ has yielded astonishing results that may explain the current Human Condition.

Emeriti Dual Higgs boson Evolutionary Theory of the Universe(s)
BHI Particle Science Physicists have completed a rigorous study of the 2012 Very Fast Proton Project™ conducted at the BHI Very Large Collider in rural Leverett, aimed at producing the Higgs boson particle.  The data analysis revealed that two such particles were detected in the simulated "Big Bang" moment, giving rise to the theory that we may inhabit two parallel universes at the same time, in the same manner that electrons can be in two places at once, since there is no time in space as we know it (Emeriti Planck theory).  The two particles vary by 3 Giga electron Volts (GeV).  Particle 1 was measured at 126.5 GeV and Particle 2 was came in at 123.6 GeV, prompting speculation that we could now be living in Universe 1 and Universe -3 at the same time.  Since the Higgs boson particle is said to determine mass, it is clear that Universe -3 is significantly shy of having all of its potential parts.

Such an evolutionary construct of Duality may explain how an evolved "science based" reality culture may coexist with an evolved "non-science based" reality culture within the same temporal moment.  Perhaps there are two Standard Models.  This finding may explain how one group of humans may conclude that the key to addressing starvation is to take food away from hungry people (Universe -3), while another group of humans conclude that hungry people require food in order to survive (Universe 1).  The Emeriti Dual Higgs boson Evolutionary Theory of the Universe(s) may now explain the many inexplicable aspects of the Human condition.  Additional findings will be published in late 2013 as data analysis continues.  This analysis is the first known application of "Developmental Particle Science Sociology" and appropriate investigative protocols are now being evaluated prior to publication.

Note to Retraction Watch: As a public service and in accordance with Emeriti Standard Practices, the BHI Very Fast Proton Project™ findings have been "Preemptively Retracted" prior to publication.
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