Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE

Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE
Exile: 338-348 CE, Thassos, Greece

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

39: BHI Cedar Sawdust Cookies™

High Fiber Cedar Sawdust Cookies With BHI Anti-Microbial Farmaceuticals™
Cedar Sawdust High Fiber Cookies with Juniper Berry Oils
LEVERETT-- BHI Farmaceuticals™ has developed a Cedar Sawdust Cookie™ that provides a healthy dose of fiber to sustain lower GI tract health along with benefits of Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Fungal properties obtained from combining prescription grade BHI Juniper Berry Farmaceutical Oils™.  The extracted flavinoid anti-oxidants produce anti-fungal effects and exhibit "good activity against Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus."
Fresh BHI Farmaceuticals™ High Potency Juniper Berries

Solar Green Gin™ Ethanol is employed to extract oil from BHI Farmaceutical Farms™ Juniper berries, due to the Cookie Lab's proximity to the Green Gin Distillery™.  The ethanol residue proved non-toxic to test mice, and Lab workers reported no ill effects during daily 5 PM focus group sessions.  Daily consumption of BHI Cedar Sawdust Cookies™ provides sufficient non-soluable fiber to maintain regularity, and serves to resist bronchitis, colds, fungal infections, hemorrhoids and termites.

Note to Retraction Watch: BHI findings are Pre-Retracted to conserve time and effort.
Side Effects: May cause slurred speech. Results may vary.  Talk to your Doctor and close friends.

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