Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE

Emeriti Exile: 338-348 CE
Exile: 338-348 CE, Thassos, Greece

Thursday, February 25, 2016

54: Adirondack Assisted Lifting Chair™

Rise with dignity utilizing the 'Adirondack Assisted Lifting Chair™'

Adirondack Assisted Lifting Chair™ features a thumb activated lift button (1)
that lifts the cast aluminum seat frame mechanism (7), via a compact solar powered
noise insulated hydraulic motor (4), pumping fluid through a tube (5), to a 
telescoping hydraulic
arm (6), 
thus pivoting the wood slatted seat (2) about the stainless steel piano hinge (3).

Introducing the Patented Adirondack Assisted Lifting Chair™ retrofit kit.  It comes with a cast aluminum seat rail assembly designed to receive wood slats as shown.  It is attached by means of a heavy duty (with emphasis on the "heavy" part), piano style hinge that is installed at the front of the seat.  Dual hydraulic telescoping lift arms are powered by a compact heavy-duty hydraulic pump, which has sound dampening packing and is discreetly mounted under the chair seat. 

The Adirondack chair design has a low center of gravity, which serves us well by making it difficult to fall out of the chair once seated.  However, this virtue is its greatest liability for users who have consumed too much Meade or who have lingered too long in the seated position to the extent that muscles no longer respond to neural impulses due to lack of properly oxygenated blood supply.  In any event, and for whatever reason, this device will allow the seated user to rise with dignity. 

Focus groups responded negatively to the initial designs that employed powerful springs, which unceremoniously and unpredictably tossed users at varying distances from the chair upon activation. This Adirondack Assisted Lifting Chair™ design is a refinement of the original "Adirondack Spring™" design.  

Units may be purchased pre-mounted on a premium grade Adirondack chair or as a retrofit kit for standard chair designs. A catalogue is available from the Emeriti Brotherhood.

Unit designs have been scrutinized by regulatory agencies with varying results. Talk to your Doctor to see if the Adirondack Assisted Lifting Chair™ is right for you.

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